Guaranteed elimination and prevention of head lice.

Discretely packaged, dispatched the same day, all workdays and Sundays, when ordered before 19.00 hours for delivery outside- and before 22.00 hours within the Netherlands.

Check this information for a visualisation of how the 'Comb Kit' works. 

Questions or problems? Need delivery outside the Benelux?

Mail to: webshop@licecliniceurope.com

Introducing new product

Comb Kit


Contains the 2 essential products for guaranteed detection, elimination and prevention of any head lice infestation.Results as long as ..

Comb Kit Sensitive


For painful or brittle hair, for a guaranteed, speedy and painfree head lice-combing treatment.This Kit contai..

Comb Kit Detangler


For fine-normal hair that tangles easily.Contains the basic 'Comb Kit' (Comb Cream and nit comb) for guaranteed detection, elimination and p..

Comb Kit Ultimate


For thick or curly hair.Contains the basic 'Comb Kit' (Comb Cream and nit comb) for guaranteed detection, elimination, and prevention o..

Comb Kit Coily


For coily, afro-textured hair type 3C to 4C. Containing the basic 'Comb Kit' (Comb Cream and nit comb) for guaranteed detection, elimination and ..

Comb Kit Care


Contains the basic 'Comb Kit' (Comb Cream and nit comb), for guaranteed detection, elimination and prevention of head lice.Completed with the 'Scalp T..

Comb Cream


Done with endless failing treatments?For a moment, set aside the outdated method that head lice should/can be combated by trying to kill them. Which w..

Lice Clinic Europe Nit Comb


All nit combs look deceivingly alike, but there is a substantial difference in how this comb is designed, so that the eggs can truly be removed in an ..

Scalp Tonic 125ml


Let the itch stop!The 'Scalp Tonic' is used in our Lice Clinics to help repair and calm the scalp that is affected by lice bites, lice shampoos, scrat..

Hercules Scalp Brush


The hair brush for hair that easily breaks and scalp that easily hurts.Ideal for painlessly combing out the knots, while the hair is creamed up, witho..

Tangle Teezer Detangler


We recommend this brush for fine-normal hair that quickly tangles, as preparation for the treatment with our 'Comb Kit' without th..

Tangle Teezer Ultimate


We recommend this brush for thick or curly hair, as preparation for the treatment with our 'Comb Kit' without the r..

Tangle Teezer Wide Tooth Comb


Thé specialized comb for coily hair, especially hair type 3C-4C,  for preparation of the treatment with our Comb Kit, without the risk of cross c..

Tail Comb White


Needed for the 2nd phase (video 2 of the combing instructions) of the combing treatment with the 'Comb Kit'.Prepares the hair for combing with the nit..

Practical Head Lice School Service Package


Not yet available in English..

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