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Final Elimination of Head Lice

The one and only professional, 100% guaranteed, screening-, treatment- and prevention method against lice and nits, for at home!

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What it is that makes our 'Comb Kit' different from treatments with lice shampoos and regular nit combs, is visualized in this short video:

Comb Kit

Contains the basic kit with 2 professional products

  • - 'Comb Cream'
  • - 'Lice Clinic Europe' Nit Comb

Comb Cream

For an easy and effective combing treatment

Prevents lice from fleeing the combing-zone

Unique "quick sand" texture, preventing lice from fleeing the nit comb. They get stuck in the cream and get combed out, cream and all.

Prevents lice from slipping through the comb-teeth

Blocks the gaps of the tapering teeth-tips, preventing lice and especially those really small nymphs (young lice) from slipping through.

Simple & Painless

Makes every hair structure easy to comb through, which in turn facilitates a painless, fast and effective combing treatment.

Safe & Caring

Safe to use directly on the scalp, contrary to regular conditioners, caring for skin and hair. Suitable for all ages, pregnant- and lactating women. Contains no silicones, pesticides, perfume, dyes or harmful preservatives.


Lice Clinic Europe Nit Comb

As effective as 16 pairs of tweezers in a row

Professional Results

The 'Lice Clinic Europe' nit comb is developed by and for head lice specialists to remove nearly all eggs (99%) in one clinic treatment. This is unachievable with a regular nit comb.

Unique Manufacturing Process

The 'Lice Clinic Europe' nit comb is the only comb in the world where the comb teeth are first welded and then injected into a PC plastic handle. This ensures that the comb teeth do not separate at the base, effectively removing nits. It looks like any regular nit comb, but the difference is hidden in the handle!

Generally, there are two types of nit combs:

Plastic handle (injection technique), where each comb tooth is individually and completely secured, but (PP) plastic is not strong.
Metal handle (welding technique), welded with strong metal, but only on a small surface area, leaving the teeth loosely positioned in the hollow handle.

Because the 'Lice Clinic Europe' nit comb teeth are first welded and then injected into PC Plastic (much harder than PP), it has all the strengths without the weaknesses of regular nit combs.


Comb teeth made of high-quality stainless steel, and a robust closed handle, ensuring the comb does not rust, break, bend, or pull out hair.


Rounded tips that do not harm the skin, and a sealed handle that prevents hair from getting stuck.


In addition to the 'Comb Kit', we also offer more extensive Comb Kits, which are completed with products to prepare for the combing treatment.

There is a Kit for every hair type that greatly improves the speed and ease of the combing treatment.

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For a guaranteed result and an easy combing treatment, please follow these instructions, which you can always find in the footnote of this website as well.

Combing Instructions

How does it work?

Guaranteed screening, treatment and prevention.

Effective, safe, simple, at home.

Did you know, that you only have a 5% chance of discovering a minor-average infestation by a visual search or by combing with a regular nit comb?
With the 'Comb Kit' you can remove almost all lice and nits in one combing treatment. This means that, regardless of the degree of infestation, hair structure or hair length... you will find it!
You can easily determine your find on the Diagnosis page.

Everyone knows how difficult, or even impossible, it is to kill all the nits with a lice shampoo and/or to remove all of them with a nit comb. Just 2 viable nits that are missed... and the infection continues.
Avoid effortless combing and shampooing for weeks, months, or yes, sometimes even years.

Does your child keep coming home from school with lice?
Would you rather prevent than cure? Well, now you can!
It is not possible to prevent a louse from getting into the hair (regardless of what you put in it, despite popular belief). However, you can make sure that the louse does not develop into an infestation! If you apply the 'Comb Kit' once a week as a screening (10 minutes), you will discover it with certainty, and at such an early stage that you can immediately eliminate it with one good combing. This way you also prevent it from spreading within the family. 
Thanks to the caring properties of the Comb-Crème, post-washing conditioning of the hair is no longer necessary, saving you 5 minutes.
In short: with just +5 minutes a week you never have to worry about head lice again!n addition


"This cream is so nice! I really can't comb my thick hair with a nit comb without that stuff. I now even use it to get the tangles out every day. Also, I was afraid that your nit comb would be no different than the combs which I already had, but it is indeed much better. After just one combing I had almost everything out."

"We would really like to thank you. It is maddening when you've tried everything and you just can't get rid of it. During the first combing, to our surprise, we found quite a lot. During the second time we hardly found anything anymore and during the last time everything was gone. What a relief! We regularly use it just to check and we've never had any problems again. I can really recommend this to everyone!"

"It always seemed to be gone, but then, on my eldest, we would find a few of those really small lice again. We often checked our youngest, who has thinner hair, but she didn't seem to have anything. Following your advice, we then checked the entire family with your comb kit and it turned out that the youngest also had lice after all, so we found the source. Both are now lice-free, thanks to your wonderful products and advice."

"At first, I found combing with the comb kit very difficult since the comb would always get stuck in the hair, making it impossible to effectively comb out the lice. I then contacted you, and you gave me very friendly and good advice. It turns out I hadn't read the instructions properly. My daughter has a lot of hair, and I hadn't properly brushed the knots out of the lower layers of her hair, and I had also held the nit comb at the wrong angle. I then ordered the 'Ultimate' hairbrush and followed all the instructions precisely. After that, it was very easy, and my daughter quickly became lice-free. Before that, I had tried everything for 4 months! I can recommend it to everyone, but it is indeed important to read and follow the instructions carefully."

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