Precautions & Guarantee


The following precautions are essential for a guaranteed effective treatment.
We kindly yet urgently ask you to follow these accurately.


Before the treatment:

1. Hair completely clean and combed!
No sebum, grease, oil, hair products, dirt, or excessive knots in the hair. If difficult-to-remove (greasy) lice treatments are present, wash them out with Dreft dish soap if necessary.
2. Hair completely dry! 
For instance, don't tie it up while damp.
3. Reporting possible conditions:
The warmth of the AirAllé treatment is very comfortable but might be uncomfortable and thus not applicable for individuals with the following conditions:
- Less than 6 months since head radiation
- Large open wounds on the scalp (small wounds are not a problem)
- Metal implants in the face or skull (excluding the mouth)
- Inability to feel or indicate pain, temperature, or discomfort
- The comb treatment (Premium) is not possible with uncombable hair, such as extensions, dreadlocks, cornrows, etc. The Budget treatment is possible but not 100% guaranteed with these hairstyles.
4. Unchecked/untreated household members:
Only when every family member has been checked just before the treatment using our Screening Method, at home or at the clinic, can we guarantee resolving the issue, due to the potential reinfestation of unnoticed lice/nits among household members.
5. Supervision for individuals under 18:
Children under 18 without supervision should have our approval beforehand.
6. Real fur is prohibited in the clinic:
fur is cruel and may contain lice—risk of infestation.

During the treatment:


7. Airy white (old) upper clothing without a collar or hoodie.
8. Jewelry: around the neck/ears and hair accessories should be removed, unless they cannot be taken off. 
9. Bring along a clean hair band
10. Payment: Card/bank transfer or cash (limited change).

After the treatment:

Please be aware that there might still be remnants of oil and/or cream in the hair when you leave.
You should wash these out at home.

The oil is best washed out using our Menthol Shampoo, which not only thoroughly removes residues of lice treatments, oil, etc., without drying out the skin or hair, but also provides a cooling and soothing effect against itchiness.



After a treatment at the Lice Clinic, all lice and nits are guaranteed to be eliminated.

However, reinfestation is always a possibility. But if you follow our unique 100% assured prevention method, a potential new infestation will never have the opportunity to thrive again.

Despite this, we offer as a service a one-time re-treatment for 50% of the rate if you find a louse in the hair again (the only possible cause being a reinfestation):




• Applies within 2 weeks after the treatment.

• You send a clear photo of the found louse by email for verification.
Keep the louse in a container, do not throw ita way please!

• All family members have been checked and/or treated by us or at home using our Comb Kit.

If you knowingly didn’t have infected family members screened/treated by us, this guarantee becomes void.

• You have followed the precautionary measures for the treatment.

Our general terms and conditions apply to booked appointments with our clinics. 
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