Clinic Treatment

We offer 3 kinds of clinic treatments.

All three are completely safe and include preventive advice with which you can remain lice-free for good:

Premium Treatment €149
100% is killed, including removal of dead lice/nits

Budget Treatment €99
100% is killed, excluding removal of dead lice/nits

Manual Treatment €169
for children under 4 years old

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Premium Treatment

Guaranteed elimination
Duration: appr. 60 minutes
Consists of 3 steps:

1) Medical AirAllé®-device
2) Oil treatment
3) Professional combing treatment

1. AirAllé

The only treatment method that kills 100% of nits, using a unique and patented dehydration process.
Only a treatment with AirAllé® guarantees a safe and total elimination of any infestation, where all other treatment methods can leave live nits behind.
'Lice Clinic Europe' is an exclusive and certified AirAllé® practitioner for the whole of the Netherlands since 2011.

Please note: self-invented treatments with heat devices such as a hair dryer are neither effective nor safe! noch sicher!
Find out more about AirAllé®

2. Oil treatment

Pesticide-free oil.
Where the AirAllé® has killed 100% of the nits and at least 97% of the lice, we use the oil to guarantee that we kill any remaining lice that may still be alive at that point. After the oil, all nits and lice are dead with absolute certainty.

3. Combing treatment

Professional combing treatment according to the 'Lice Clinic Comb Method', which removes around 99% of the dead lice/nits.

Precautionary measures

Please follow these carefully so that we can guarantee you an effective treatment:
Precautions & Guarantee

Coiled Hair type 3C-4C

Guaranteed elimination
Duration: appr. 120+ minutes
Please check the following table to determine whether your hair is of the 3C to 4C hair type, for which a different price applies:

Coiled Hair Type Table
Price List

Budget Treatment

Guaranteed elimination
Duration: appr. 40 minutes
Consists of 2 steps:

1) Medical AirAllé® treatment device
2) Oil treatment

As with the 'Premium Treatment', it is 100% guaranteed that all lice and nits are killed.
At home you wash out the oil, and any dead lice that might be in there.
The dead nits still need to be combed out at home.
We recommend our unique Combing Method for that, with which you can effectively and easily remove dead nits and with which you can have full proof prevention against new infestations.
You will receive more information about this during the appointment at the clinic, and you will also find it on our Home Treatment page.

Manual treatment

Only for children under 4 years of age, who cannot be treated with the AirAllé®-device.

Young children are often unable to sit still well enough for the precise treatment pattern of the AirAllé® treatment.
For them, manual treatment is usually a more effective option.
In very rare cases, a follow-up treatment (or a single combing at home) may be necessary.

Consists of 3 steps:

1. Oil treatment
Pesticide-free oil to kill 100% of lice.

2. Comb treatment
Professional comb treatment, to remove all dead lice and at least 99% of the nits..

3. Manual removal
All hairs are visually inspected with the magnifying lamp to remove any remaining nits with tweezers.

Duration: 90-120 minutes.

Coiled hair

Duration: 90-120 minutes.
For coily hair types 3C to 4C a different price and duration applies.
Please check the following table to determine whether your hair is of the 3C to 4C hairtype:

Coiled Hair Type Table
Price List

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