Professional and guaranteed head lice treatment

We offer 2 unique treatment methods that are the only ones guaranteed to detect, eliminate and prevent any head lice infestation.

Make the choice that suits you below:

Home treatment

  • 100% elimination
  • 4 or 7 times 30 minutes
  • You do it yourself
  • Safe & simple
  • from € 39.90
to Home treatment

Clinic treatment

  • 100% elimination
  • In one treatment
  • We do it for you
  • Safe & fast
  • from € 99.00
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Do I have lice?

First do this check, in order for us to be able to truly help you.
Are you really sure you have lice at all?
Or, what other family members may have it too?
Itch or no itch, having found nothing or something, it means nothing!

Head Lice Check

Why ‘Lice Clinic Europe’?

In our head lice clinics, professional treatments have been done since 2011, ranging from infestations of just a few- to hundreds of thousands of lice/nits, with a success rate of 100%.
We are exclusive and certified to use the medical treatment methode of 'AirAllé' , with which we distinguish ourselves from any other clinical treatment method.

With that expertise, we also developed our exclusive home treatment, which is uniquely guaranteed to end every infestation as long as you apply it according to the instructions.

Approved by the R.I.V.M.

The “Lice Clinic Europe” and its treatment methods are approved by the Dutch Health Organization “R.I.V.M.”


Our certified specialists work according to controlled hygiene- and treatment protocols.


In 100% of the cases, we succeed in the total elimination of lice and nits.

Lice Clinic Locations

To request an appointment for treatment in one of our Dutch clinics, please fill in this request form:

Request Appointment


Hear from our clients about our services

"This cream is so nice! I really can't comb my thick hair with a nit comb without that stuff. I now even use it to get the tangles out every day. Also, I was afraid that your nit comb would be no different than the combs which I already had, but it is indeed much better. After just one combing I had almost everything out."

"We would really like to thank you. It is maddening when you've tried everything and you just can't get rid of it. During the first combing, to our surprise, we found quite a lot. During the second time we hardly found anything anymore and during the last time everything was gone. What a relief! We regularly use it just to check and we've never had any problems again. I can really recommend this to everyone!"

"It always seemed to be gone, but then, on my eldest, we would find a few of those really small lice again. We often checked our youngest, who has thinner hair, but she didn't seem to have anything. Following your advice, we then checked the entire family with your comb kit and it turned out that the youngest also had lice after all, so we found the source. Both are now lice-free, thanks to your wonderful products and advice."

"At first, I found combing with the comb kit very difficult since the comb would always get stuck in the hair, making it impossible to effectively comb out the lice. I then contacted you, and you gave me very friendly and good advice. It turns out I hadn't read the instructions properly. My daughter has a lot of hair, and I hadn't properly brushed the knots out of the lower layers of her hair, and I had also held the nit comb at the wrong angle. I then ordered the 'Ultimate' hairbrush and followed all the instructions precisely. After that, it was very easy, and my daughter quickly became lice-free. Before that, I had tried everything for 4 months! I can recommend it to everyone, but it is indeed important to read and follow the instructions carefully."

Lice Clinic School Service

‘Lice Clinic Europe’ has also developed a School Service with which the head lice problem can be tackled at the roots in an integrated and affordable manner.
A screening method for schools that ensures a detection increase of hundreds of percent.
A treatment method for home that is guaranteed.

Head Lice School Service

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