Hercules Scalp Brush

  • €19.95

The hair brush for hair that easily breaks and scalp that easily hurts.
Ideal for painlessly combing out the knots, while the hair is creamed up, without the risk of cross contamination!

Also available as part of the complete Comb Kit Sensitive

Make no mistake about its seemingly simple appearance, this brush is a true life-saver.
You've never felt anything like this before.

There is no more-painless way for removing tangles!
Dramas with brushing hair, crying child, pain, breaking hair... a thing of the past!

The 'DeLuxe' is the standard size, which makes brushing easier and faster.
Colour black
8 rows of bristles
22 cm.

The 'Piccolo' is a handy little size for children to (learn to) brush their own hair, and/or for ladies to take with them in their handbag.
Color pink or yellow
6 rows of bristles
15 cm.

Hercules Scalp Brush Piccolo/DeLuxe is excellent for extremely sensitive scalp and hair.
It effectively detangles the hair but in such soft manner... it's like magic!
Ideal for children who find brushing a hassle or for people with very thin, delicate or easily broken hair or with extensions.

  • Entirely made of plastic, so it can be used in hair that is dry, wet or coated with our Comb Cream, making it indispensable for detangling the hair to evenly distribute the Comb-Cream to ensure that the lice are optimally captured.
  • Also ideal for daily use. The high quality of the specialist brand Hercules makes this brush very strong.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • The Hercules Scalp Brush does not get stuck in the hair and is so painless that it is a completely different experience, both for the person brushing and for the person being brushed.
Note: When you first start brushing with it, it seems as if you are brushing over the hairs instead of through the hair, because you do not feel the usual resistance, and therefore it can give the impression that it is not brushing out the knots effectively. But appearances can be deceiving, because the Hercules doesn't work the knots to the ends of the hair, so you don't get any bunching of tangles at the bottom.
You will notice that 'suddenly' you are done and the knots are gone!

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