Comb Kit Detangler

  • €56.95

For fine-normal hair that gets tangled quickly and fiercely.

Contains the basic 'Comb Kit' (Comb Cream and nit comb), completed with white tail comb and the famous Tangle Teezer Detangler to ensure the right preparation of the hair for an easy and effective comb treatment.

Guaranteed as long as applied according to our specific yet simple combing instructions.

Check this information for a visualisation of how the 'Comb Kit' works! 

Value €64.35. Price €56,95.
You save €7,40

Possibly more infected household members?

The 1-liter Comb Cream is precisely sufficient for the complete treatment of one person (7 combing sessions).
Therefore it is advisable to order enough for screening all household members, and to order 1 Liter extra for each person requiring treatment.
We also offer a comparatively cheaper can of 5 Liters.

Is combing causing pain, hair loss/breakage?
For this we recommend the Comb Kit Sensitive - superior for painless detangling.

Tangle Teezer Detangler

Ideal for detangling cream-coated hair, without the risk of cross contamination!

  • Essential for detangling cream-coated hair, as cream can damage regular hairbrushes, and for even cream distribution, which prepares for an effective comb treatment
  • Flexible teeth for gentle brushing, specifically designed for fine-normal hair that tangles quickly 
  • With handle for secure grip during the cream-slippery combing treatment  
  • Made entirely of plastic without crevices for lice to hide in.
    When freed of hair, lice cannot remain in the brush, eliminating the risk of contamination
  • Suitable for dry, wet or cream-coated hair, also for daily use


Removes instead of kills!

A regular conditioner used for combing is not developed or safe for the scalp, has no lice-catching effect and is not especially made for easy combing with a nit comb.

  • Catches lice and nymphs
  • Helps prevent lice and nymphs from fleeing the comb zone
  • Helps prevent lice and nymphs from slipping through the tapered tips of the nit comb's teeth
  • Transforms even the most challenging hair into an easy and painless combing experience
  • Prevents pulling or breaking of healthy hair
  • Safe and caring for skin and hair, no silicones, pesticides, dyes, perfume or damaging preservatives
  • For all ages, lactating and pregnant women

Licemeister Nit Comb 

Professional comb that works like 16 tweezers in a row!

  • Can easily remove 95%-99% of nits in 1 combing session
  • High quality stainless steel comb teeth that will not bend or break
  • Smaller gaps that nits and small lice cannot slip through
  • Comb teeth are rigid. Individually and more deeply inserted into the handle
  • Comb teeth have rounded tips, that do not damage the skin
  • Does not pull out hair due to closed and smoothly finished handle

White Tail Comb

Removes the last, tiniest knots and creates precise hair partings

  • To eliminate the last bit of resistance in preparation for the nit comb
  • For precise hair sectioning
  • White color makes lice and nits clearly visible (ideal for visual inspection)


Licefree for good? Yes you can!

In our experience, none of the "preventive products" actually prevent lice from getting in the hair. 
However, you can ensure that a new louse doesn't get the chance to develop into a true infestation.

By using the 'Comb Cream' just once a week, before washing the hair, and combing each strand with the Licemeister nit comb, you can effectively screen the hair for any potential new lice in approximately 10 minutes.
Moreover, by doing this, you will also remove them at the same time, eliminating the infestation before it even has a chance to develop.

The Comb Cream is as nourishing as a high-quality hair conditioner, so you can skip the hair conditioning step after washing, saving most of those 10 minutes. In the end, your hair will be screened, conditioned, and lice-free for good, with almost no extra time required.

Ingredients Comb Cream:

Aqua, Cetyl alcohol, Cetrimonium chloride, Cocamide MEA, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric acid.

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