Licemeister Nit Comb

  • €17.95

All nit combs look deceivingly alike, but there is a substantial difference in how this comb is designed, so that the eggs can truly be removed in an unparalleled effective way, providing you with a way to detect, eliminate and prevent any head lice infestation for good. 

Check this information for a visualisation of how the 'Comb Kit' works! 

As treatment:

Guaranteed lice-free in 4 to 7 short and effortless combing sessions , provided that it is: 
- applied in combination with the absolute essential Comb Cream (Comb Kit)
- applied according to our specific yet simple combing instructions.

Possibly more infected household members?

The 1 liter Comb Cream is exactly enough for the complete treatment of one person (7 combing sessions).
Therefor it is strongly advisable to order enough for the screening of all household members, and to order an additional 1 Liter for every person requiring treatment.

We also offer a comparatively cheaper can of 5 liters with a price advantage of €19.80. 
Ideal for the treatment of large families, schools, and as prevention by weekly use.

"Why the Licemeister? I already have a lice comb!"
Yes, but the Licemeister is different.
The Licemeister is the nit comb for truly effective removal of those small nits!

More effective
Like 16 pairs of tweezers in a row!

  • Removes 95%-99% of nits in 1 combing thanks to this unique combination of properties.
    We exclusively use the Licemeister in our Lice Clinics because of its professional quality and effectiveness
  • High quality stainless steel comb teeth that will not bend or break
  • Smallest space through which nits and small lice cannot slip through
  • Comb teeth are rigid. Individually and much deeper injected into the handle
  • Lasts a lifetime due to the superior quality

Painfree and safe

  • Rounded tips that do not damage the skin
  • Does not pull out hair due to closed and well finished handle

Usage as screening

Did you know that plastic combs were not originally intended for lice, let alone those super small nits, but for big fleas on animals?
Regular lice combs, or even "nit combs" with steel teeth, usually miss substantial numbers of nits and lice.
The teeth are often too flexible or poorly anchored, causing the teeth to spread apart, allowing many to slip through.

If you want to be able to perform a decent screening, a solid nit comb is essential.
You don't know what you don't know, and you only know how many nits/lice you have missed once you start working with the Licemeister.

In combination with the Comb Cream, no infestation can ever be overlooked!

Usage as prevention 
Licefree for good? Yes you can!

It is our experience, that none of the "preventive products" truly prevent lice from getting in the hair.
However, you cán make sure that a new louse doesn't get the chance to develop into a real infestation.

By using the 'Comb Cream' just once a week, prior to washing the hair, combing each strand of hair just once with the Licemeister nit comb, you can effectively screen the hair for any possible new lice, in appr. 10 minutes time. On top of that, by doing so, you will remove them in the same time, so the infestation gets eliminated before it even had the chance to develop.

The Comb Cream is as caring as a conditioner of hairdresser quality. Therefor, you can skip conditioning the hair after the washing, with which you regain most part of the 10 minutes. 
So, in the end, your hair will be screened, conditioned and licefree for good, in almost no extra time.

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